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It’s about living the dream.


Dragonheart Writing and Editing is a division of Dragonheart, a business that is all about the business of living the dream—your dream. For Melanie Mulhall, founder of Dragonheart, living the dream has everything to do with nurturing, coaxing, and midwifing the dreams of everyone she touches.


Her First and Third Place EVVY Awards in Editing were about nurturing authors' dreams.


In 2008, Melanie received a First Place EVVY Award in the Technical category of Editing for the book, Power of Rituals for Women by Linda Ann Smith and Kelly Blair Roberts. In 2009, Melanie received a Third Place EVVY Award for Editing, this time for Melisa Pearce's wonderful work of fiction, Eponalisa. And in 2010, Melanie won another First Place EVVY Award for Editing Gretchen Kloten Minney's book, Called--Women Hear the Voice of the Divine. Linda and Kelly shared a dream of writing a book on cultivating relationships through everyday rituals. Melisa dreamed a dream about a girl, a bit of magic, some wonderful horses, and purpose in life. Gretchen dreamed of a world in which women could be priests in the Catholic Church. Melanie helped all four manifest their dreams through editing that made their words sing, dance, and get attention.


Client awards and accolades abound

It's one thing for Melanie to win EVVY Awards for her editing, but it could be argued that the true test is the awards won by Melanie's clients. Great mentorship, great editing, and great project management have made Dragonheart clients award winners and best selling authors.


It doesn’t hurt to have an award winning book under your belt.


Melanie is author of the EVVY Award winning book, Living The Dream—A Guidebook For Job Seekers And Career Explorers. She has served as Co-Editor of Business Scene magazine and has been a staff writer for Enlightened Woman Magazine and Noahsports and Health. She is now exercising her writing/editing muscles through freelance editing and writing, as well as consulting and mentoring other writers.


If you are going to write, you might as well speak, too.


Melanie is also a professional speaker and trainer on a surprising array of topics, including leadership, shamanism, career, spirituality, writing, and authentic living.


A lot of seasoning, diverse skills, and a powerful spirit make for a great background.


Melanie holds both a BA and an MA and has worked in the corporate, government, and non-profit sectors. After 20+ years experience in these worlds, she took her management skills and profound understanding of the human spirit to her businesses, Dragonheart and Dragonheart Publishing, LLC.


She is also a shaman, Psych-K™ practitioner, business consultant, intuitive, and energy worker. Some of Melanie’s writing/editing clients even suspect that her adeptness at navigating energy and applying universal principles has been as critical to their projects as her writing/editing expertise.


It’s a world of connections.


Melanie Mulhall is a member of Boulder Media Women, the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, and the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers.


So what does this mean for you? 


An expert at translating complex concepts into understandable language and doable action, Melanie blends this skill with a broad knowledge base, deep grasp of universal principles, and strong business sense. Her unique combination of background and skills converge to make Melanie not only a powerful writer/editor, but also a powerful activator of the possible for others. She is also a kick to work with. Got dreams? Melanie can help you manifest them.

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