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The services provided by Dragonheart are closely aligned with many other services and organizations in the writing and publishing field. I am often asked to provide references and resources for client and colleagues. A few are listed below.


Professional Organizations


The Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) provides networking, resources, support, and encouragement to writers and independent publishers, as well as those who serve those professions. CIPA offers monthly meetings and a yearly conference that is packed with so much great help, it is called CIPA College. How do I feel about CIPA? They are mentioned in the acknowledgments section of my first book. That is how helpful I have found the organization. I am currently an Associate Member of CIPA.


Boulder Editors is an association of experienced Colorado-based editorial professionals with clients in the US and abroad. I have been an active member of this organization for a number of years. I love and respect these colleagues. If I`m not the editor for you, one of my colleagues in this organization probably is.


Boulder Media Women is an informal networking group for women writers, editors, graphic designers, screenwriters, videographers, journalists, publishers, and other Colorado women associated with the media. As an editor, writer, author and publisher, this group of colleagues is like an extended family for me. I love these women. We have a listserv and the professional exchange among members is invaluable. There are monthly potlucks, Tuesday schmoozes, and Friday morning coffees, which provide face-to-face interaction for members who can fit one or more into their schedules.


Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers is a non-profit organization in Colorado for fiction writers. It offers programs to encourage, inspire, educate, and otherwise support writers of novel length fiction, as well as networking opportunities.



Graphic Designers


Bookends Design is the design firm of Bob Schram. Bob is an expert on both cover and interior design, and I have collaborated with him on numerous projects for clients. Bob is so dedicated to helping clients birth books that he has been a president of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association. He`s smart, a great designer, and always fun to work with. And he`s gifted at turning concepts into beautiful books.


NZ Graphics is the design firm of Nick Zelinger. Nick did the interior and cover design for my First Place EVVY Award winning book, Living the Dream--A Guidebook For Job Seekers And Career Explorers. As a professional editor, I have also collaborated with Nick on many books for other authors/publishers. Nick promises that compelling graphic design can meet your deadline and not blow your budget, and I have found the man true to his word. Nick`s work is wonderful and Nick is wonderful to work with. Does it get any better than that?




Industry Links


The U. S. Copyright Office: Register your work to protect your copyright with them.


Library of Congress: Cataloging in Publication (CIP) data is issued from them.


Bowker: Provides ISBNs.





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