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Manuscript EvaluationObjective feedback is what you will receive with a manuscript evaluation, including the following: strengths and weaknesses; content organization, completeness and coherence; editing needs and repetitive writing peccadilloes, and; character/plot/dialogue problems (with fiction).


Developmental EditingWhether the project is in concept form, in process, or in rough manuscript stage, you may be stuck or just want professional help to tighten, improve, or expand upon your work. Developmental editing will do just that . . . and give you the encouragement and mentoring you need to blast forward with your work.


Technical/Mechanical EditingYes, even seasoned authors need good technical editors on their teams! This is the nuts and bolts editing that corrects errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and similar technical elements of the work. It also checks for consistency of style and word use (incorrect, inappropriate, repetitive, slang, and just plain painful).


Substantive EditingThe more holistic the edit, the cleaner the manuscript will be. Substantive editing includes the elements of technical/mechanical editing but expands beyond them. The manuscript is reviewed for content, organization, tone, voice, completeness, accuracy, sequencing, and other core elements of style. Plot, character, setting, point of view, conflict, symbolism, and theme are also considered, as well as dialogue, with fiction. Whether fiction or nonfiction, substantive editing includes alternative wording of sentences or entire passages, where appropriate—and in a way that is sensitive to maintaining the author’s voice.


Final EditSometimes the work just needs one more set of eyes before heading off to the interior designer. A manuscript that has been through iterations of author edits and rewrites, as well as developmental and substantive editing (sometimes by multiple editors), often needs a quick technical edit to ensure that all errors have been caught. A final edit will accomplish that.




Business WritingYou need a brochure, web site content, product or marketing collateral, newsletter article, media release, report, ad copy, or even a polished looking letter. Business writing services will give you business materials that communicate what you want to say and make you look good.


GhostwritingYou may have a message to get out to the world, but do not think of yourself as a writer or just do not have the time to do the writing. Ghostwriting takes your ideas and information, crafting them into an article or other document. Your name is on it.


Collaborative WritingYou may want to partner with another writer to create a piece of writing that addresses subject matter of your choosing. This is an excellent approach for those who are subject matter experts but not full-time writers and who want the expertise that a professional writer can bring to the project. Your name and the name of the writer with whom you are collaborating will be on the finished product.


Mentoring and Consultation


MentoringYou don’t have to do it alone. In fact, most writers—seasoned, nascent, and everyone in between—need guidance, encouragement, tutoring, and inspiration to move the ideas rattling around in their brains onto the page and out into the world. Think of mentoring as having a big sister who cares almost as much about you and your writing dreams as you do.

   Unlocking What Is Within: Getting Started/Getting Unstuck

   Have a book within you but don't know how to get started? Started a book but are stuck?

   Dragonheart will help you unlock what is within. (Typically one or two sessions.

   Stands alone or you may want to follow this up with Development or Moving the Project

   Forward mentoring.)


   You have a manuscript or are working on it and you want help to develop the characters,

   plot, or other elements (fiction) or help developing the concept, content, or structure

   (nonfiction). (One session or more per month.)

   Moving the Project Forward

   You are working on the project and want to stay motivated and accountable on it. You

   also want an expert who can answer questions and help you solve problems as you work.

   (One session or more per month.)


   Hurrah! The manuscript is written. Editing is in process or done. Now you need help with

   next steps: interior/cover design, cover copy, printers, ISBN/Library of Congress,

   marketing strategy, etc. (One or two sessions or as needed.)


   Want to customize a writing/publishing mentoring program with Dragonheart? We can do



ConsultingNeed information, referrals, ideas on how to proceed, marketing suggestions, or other help from someone in the know? A consultation can be structured to meet your specific needs.


Project Management

Projects can be overwhelming and confusing. We can manage the writing, editing, proofreading, and design aspects of your project for you.


When the project requires more than editing—like collaboration with a graphics team—Dragonheart works with graphics experts you can count on, too.

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