Why Hire Dragonheart?              


Why use a professional editor, freelance writer, or writing consultant?

  • You need it now, not later.
  • You want the words to sing, dance, and get attention.
  • You want to save time and money.
  • You need a creative partner and/or someone to ignite your own creativity.
  • You just might self-destruct if you don’t get help you can count on . . . NOW!


“Okay,” you say, “that is definitely me. But why hire Melanie Mulhall at Dragonheart?”

ž     Melanie Mulhall is a seasoned writer, a veteran editor, and an award winning author with the breadth and depth of skills to deliver great writing and editing every time. Your words will sing, dance, and get attention once you've had the Dragonheart touch! And she's a writing coach who can help you translate your ideas into words.

ž     Never before worked with an editor/writer/writing coach? Or you have and were so disappointed that you would rather do hand-to-hand combat with your own writing than repeat the experience? Melanie Mulhall can be counted on:

·        to really listen to what you have to say, ask the right questions, and understand your needs;

·        to do what is promised;

·        to deliver results in keeping with agreed upon timeframes and budget considerations;

·        to work effectively with you (and your staff);

·        to deliver creative, powerful product . . . every time, and;

·        to make working with a writer/editor an altogether positive experience.

ž     Dragonheart clients have glowing things to say about Melanie’s work.

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